FBW Naturale is the inspiration of Dr Fariba Willison and her passion for women, women’s health, beauty and fashion. In our fast paced and sometimes demanding lifestyle, time is of the essence. The team at FBW Naturale have brought together a full range of non surgical medical aesthetic procedures that allow you to enhance your natural beauty, slow down the ageing process and correct the areas of your face and body that you may have concerns with. Allow us to tailor a suitable, affordable and well executed treatment plan to develop our mutually loyal relationship and achieve your desired results.

Our Mission

To inspire you with confidence, beauty and well-being, knowing you can look good and feel great with the support of our professional aesthetics team.

Our Value

We are ethical and honest in all we do

We act in service to each other and all people involved

We use feedback from our patients to measure satisfaction and identify improvement opportunities. Our aim is perfection.

We strive to do our best now and continuously improve EVERT TIME for EVERYONE.

Our Sustainability Efforts
To empower women/couple and to be a voice for them globally.

Teamwork is at the core of what we do. We value friendliness, trust, people going out of their way to help each other and banding together to create the best FBW Gynaecology Plus that we can be.

You’ll find our clinic opposite Ashford Hospital at 21 Alexander Avenue, Ashford. Limited parking is available at our clinic and on the street, and there’s ample parking in the multi-storey carpark just down the road.

Our reception area sets the scene for our entire clinic. It’s very non-clinical, with elegant feminine décor, plus music and comfortable seating all designed to make you feel relaxed and welcome.