Cellulite Treatments

Some cellulite and excess body fat are stubborn and don’t respond to diet and exercise, bringing many women to FBW for help. We have a lot to offer! Our women’s health and beauty experts create customised treatment plans that erase pockets of trapped fat and cellulite.

Most women have cellulite, though it’s rarely spotted on men. The most important component of cellulite is the top layer of fat. The vertical fibres that attach the skin above the top fat layer to the parallel connective tissue fibres in the lower layers are the second component of cellulite. A third contributing factor is the thickness of those connecting fibres.

Cellulite isn’t curable, but there are long-lasting and effective treatments. FBW has all the tools for addressing excess fat and cellulite.

We use them to treat a woman’s:

  • Abdomen
  • Love-handles
  • Buttocks
  • Posterior thigh
  • Thigh and hips
  • Anterior thigh
  • Upper arm
  • Neck

More important than the tools at FBW are the people who use them. At our practice, designed for a woman’s comfort and sensibilities, patients are in the care of skilled medical doctors and meticulously trained aesthetic practitioners.

With that expertise and training to rely on, our patients are able to sit back, relax, and take advantage of our wide range of pampering treatments, confident that the results will go beyond their expectations.

Looking great can be hard work, but even the strictest diet and most rigorous exercise program can’t protect your body from stubborn body fat and cellulite. At FBW, we make fat and cellulite reduction easy for women who want to contour their bodies for a more youthful appearance.

Our women’s health and beauty specialists have ways to combat lumpy, dimpled skin with poor tone and uneven contours. Using the latest techniques and most innovative tools, they reduce love handles and bra-area fat, and re-sculpt stomach and thighs to create a new and aesthetically pleasing look. Women who visit FBW for fat and cellulite reduction can enjoy their favourite clothes and activities with self-confidence, even in intimate settings.

If you’ve been losing the battle of the bulge despite your best efforts, we hope this article will give you the facts about fat and cellulite. At FBW we offer effective treatments to re-contour your body when diet and exercise have failed.

As a female-centred practice, we focus on a woman’s beauty and her good health. Our experienced medical doctors and aesthetic professionals can diagnose skin conditions accurately and recommend effective measures to rejuvenate the skin by erasing visible signs of cellulite and excess fat.

We don’t just treat the problem. We treat the person.

We take a detailed medical history and ask pertinent questions about our patients’ lifestyles to get a genuine 360-degree view of who they are. Knowing our patients as individuals enables us to select the right grade of professional treatment to meet their physical, aesthetic, and even financial needs.

Cellulite – lumpy, dimpled skin that is often compared to cottage cheese – tends to accumulate around a woman’s knees, thighs, and buttocks. Interestingly, cellulite may be an inherited problem. Even slim people can develop cellulite and need treatments to reduce it. In fact,

Cellulite is a condition that affects 90% of women and 10% of men,

mostly in industrial nations” – ABC News

Fibrous bands that travel between fat cells from the skin’s surface to the underlying muscle cause cellulite. These bands make the skin look and feel rippled or bumpy. Cellulite treatments at FBW are focused on breaking these fibrous bands and also reducing the amount of fat present. To do that, our skin specialists first determine which of four types of cellulite a patient has:

  • Adipose cellulite – the firm cellulite, orange peel effect on loose skin.
  • Oedematous cellulite – fluid retention.
  • Soft cellulite – often on loose skin.
  • Fibrotic cellulite – hard, compact cellulite with orange peel effect.

Those cellulite types are further broken down into four grades of severity:

  • Grade 1 – No visible cellulite, even when the skin is pinched.
  • Grade 2 – No visible cellulite when lying down or standing. A texture like orange peel becomes visible when the skin is pinched.
  • Grade 3 – Cellulite is visible when standing, but may disappear when lying down.
  • Grade 4 – Visible cellulite when standing and lying down.

Cellulite and excess fat generally become evident on a woman’s body between the ages of 25 and 35 and are likely linked to changes in oestrogen levels. Oestrogen levels affects how your blood vessels function. As oestrogen decreases, so does circulation. Poor circulation leads to a slow-down in collagen production. Fat cells become enlarged and protrude through the diminished collagen, leading to the lumpy bumps known as cellulite.

More recently however, women in their teenage years have begun developing cellulite. The link may still be hormonal. Younger women who are overweight are at risk for a condition called oestrogen dominance, which means they make too much oestrogen or eat foods like soy that have oestrogen-mimicking ingredients.

The women’s beauty specialists at FBW are also women’s health experts. Our patients can rely on their medical expertise to help determine the cause of cellulite in each case as well as its most appropriate solution.

Because cellulite is such a common problem, a huge number of solutions have been developed to combat it. Many of those solutions are, quite simply, a waste of time and money. Fortunately, FBW has the best tools and the most skilled practitioners to help patients shrink fat cells, strengthen connective tissue, and smooth dimpled, lumpy skin.

  • INNO –TDS Cynara Plus –This medical-grade cosmetic injectable helps reduce the appearance of cellulite with active ingredients that address problems of water retention and poor circulation. It was designed for the treatment of oedematous cellulite.
  • INNO – TDS Draining PPC – This specially formulated treatment addresses localised fat in the face and body.
  • INFINI RF TreatmentThe skin specialists at FBW use radio-frequency (RF) technology to improve sagging skin and changes in skin texture. A handheld device with miniscule microneedles delivers RF energy to improve the tone, elasticity and quality of skin by stimulating collagen production.

Patients for all treatments at FBW, including cosmetic injectables and RF treatments, should be in general good health. They should also have realistic expectations about the benefits of the treatments, both physical and emotional.

If you would like to know more about how these treatments can improve your appearance, or if you have any questions related to women’s health and beauty, please call FBW on (08) 8819 0414 or use the contact form on this page to learn how we can help.